End Birthday Abortion

Help your church and community to End Birth Day Abortion

It’s just a small piece of fabric, but there’s power in what it’s designed to do. Time after time, when we’ve given someone a newborn baby hat, we’ve seen a powerful emotional response. It’s meant to greet a newborn with warmth, but now babies are under threat from a cold danger. States like New York, Virginia, and Vermont have passed or pushed for legislation that allows late-term abortion and even withholds lifesaving care from babies born alive after an attempted abortion. And, on Capitol Hill, we watched in dismay as 44 senators voted against a bill that would require medical care be provided to babies born alive, and House leaders refuse to vote on a companion bill.

American Christians have much to pray for, and the effort to save these precious infants needs our constant attention in prayer. That’s why we’re making available our End Birth Day Abortion Prayer Cards. These cards, each topped with a real (preemie) baby hat, can stand on your desk, kitchen counter, windowsill, or anywhere it might remind you to pray. They’re available in convenient packages with enough hat-topped cards for you to give to your prayer group, Bible study, Sunday school class, or church. In each package you’ll receive:


  • Prayer Tent Cards, each with a baby hat topper
  • End Birth Day Abortion Magnet
  • Digital Church Resource Card with a small group Bible study plan and other resources for educating your church or community about this crucial issue.

Order the prayer cards, give them to your friends, and join us in praying that God would bring an end to birth day abortions.


10 Prayer Cards Kit


25 Prayer Cards Kit


50 Prayer Cards Kit


100 Prayer Cards Kit


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