End Birthday Abortion

A newborn baby should be welcomed with warmth.  All babies should be protected and cared for, but gaps in the law put some babies who are born alive in danger.  Show your support for the life of all babies born alive by sending a baby hat to Congress!

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Help Us End Birth Day Abortion


At nine months, on the day of a baby’s birth, the first article of clothing that’s placed upon the baby, once they are wrapped in a blanket, is a thermal hat with blue and pink stripes.  That’s what we would hope for every baby.  Instead, laws are in place that don’t protect all babies born alive from being killed outside the womb. 


These children should be protected, and Congress can help.  We want to remind Congress that babies should be welcomed with a warm hat -- not potential danger.  For every donation of $9, we’ll deliver one baby hat on your behalf to U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  Join Americans across the nation in sending a powerful reminder that young lives should be welcomed with warmth.


When you take action, we'll send you a "End Birth Day Abortion" certificate that will remind you to pray for born alive babies who are facing the danger of being killed outside the womb, as well as pray for the U.S. Congress to take decisive action on this issue. 

Send a baby hat to Congress!

For every $9 you give, we’ll send one baby hat to Congress on your behalf.


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